Jeff Deskovic on His Way to Becoming a Lawyer: “I Want to Help Exonerate People Myself”

Innocence Project

Last week the Innocence Blog  interviewed exoneree Jeff Deskovic, who recently completed his first week at Pace University Law School and is on his way to fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a lawyer.

As a kid, Deskovic was inspired by his mother’s sophisticated personal injury attorney who seemed to be making a difference for his clients. Unfortunately, his legal ambitions were halted after he was wrongly convicted at age 16 for the rape and murder of a high school classmate.

Like many innocent people in prison, Deskovic had little choice but to master the details of his case and to become legally astute so that he could to help further his case along with the help of the Innocence Project. In early 2006, Innocence Project Staff Attorney Nina Morrison and Co-Founder Barry Scheck presented DNA evidence excluding Deskovic and identifying another male as the source of a semen sample taken from the victim, which led to his exoneration later that year.