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Jeffrey is available to speak to your audience about his extraordinary journey, overcoming the deep injustices he faced, his triumph over tragedy, his work at The Deskovic Foundation, and his path to realizing his childhood dream of becoming an attorney. Topics include: systemic deficiencies that lead to wrongful convictions and reforms to address them; red flags around false confessions, misidentifications, and unreliable informants; techniques for investigating claims of innocence not involving DNA; prison and parole reform; inmate education. Training sessions offered: how police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judicial errors have led to wrongful conviction; media training both for the media and those covered by the media; public speaking techniques. Motivational talks on overcoming adversity are also available.

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Jeffrey Deskovic
c/o The Deskovic Foundation
3148 East Tremont Avenue, 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10461